How To Play “Eruption”, Part 3

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Part 3 Of my “How To Play “Euption” guitar lesson series

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cool lesson tnx a lot

i came here just for that lick at 5:14. i love the whole solo but that particular lick is just godlike..

Awesome vid, Pete…great playing…as usual!

what is your bridge pickup????? Thanks> Great job by the way!!!!!!

@slipknotmetalfan part 1

@PegLeg1314 part 1

my fingers hurt :(

what effect’s pedal or amp do u have for your distortion?

what effect’s pedal or amp do u have for your distortion?

you’re the man dude, very helpful series

Great stuff.

amazing..lots of people dont realize that this the HARDEST [part of eruption hands down..fantastic work my friend

what speed do you set the phase on

maybe its a stupid question but how do you keep the guitar in tune when you use the whammy bar? i always have that problem.

@sinasl1 who needs to type when you can play guitar like that :)

this guy by far has the best eruption lesson on youtube

almost a 100 k! :D

It sounds fucked up slow

Nice. In the real version, the part at 6:40 in ur vid. I’ve seen a bunch of different ways to play it, with different sequences and frets. N will never know for sure cus he never played it this way live, or at least he varied the hell out of it. I slowed it down and its still kind of tricky to tell. I’ve seen where it goes B-string-14-17-20, E-string-14-17-20. Other times I see it as him leaving out the 14th fret on the E in the sequence.

“sorry i’m like dyslexic”

Lol that came out of nowhere

I’m not making fun of your dyslexia just saying that was random as hell.


Sharps are high and flats are low.

b -low

Think of it this way.

they are like the in-between.between notes.

E goes to E# then G. but you can use Gb as a bridged for E also.

Every notes can be a flat and a sharp. but you have to know in which order then correspond.

But its confusing because some tuners don’t say
(Note)b or (Note)#

Sometimes it means that your gonna have to figure out if it corresponds with sharps or flats.

@collin292 Thanks bro I will try that

Do it incredibly slowly at first.
For a long time.
Until you can play it.

I can’t freakin play it! 0_0

lol im 13, ive been playing for a year and a bit and ive made it up to 5:51 of this video and done prt 2 AND ive mastered the fingertapping ( i couldnt wait)

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