How to Play 21 Guns by Green Day on On Guitar

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hey, at the end she played 21 guns with capo on the 2nd fret … i wanna know how to play it with capo. because i like to play with capo instead.

480p is not hi def. 4K is hi def :)

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480p hd?… great lesson by the way:)

I don’t think she is a lesbian! WTH? Stop being such judgmental freaks and look at the damned talent!

That’s a really long website at the bottom. It also says on twice. :?

rapidly press the left arrow

@FACKization i agree just cuz she has short hair doesnt mean she is lesbian…

She’s not a lesbian because of her short hair. It’s her whole package. (See what I did there?) More Julie Meyers who can teach me guitar any and everyday and less of this self-righteous, brash and hard to pay attention to lady.

scary at 0:05

you got the second chord in chorus wrong

thanks i really got that wowwwwwwwwwwww


In the chorus, the second chord (C5) is actually an “Eaug5″-chord, which is close to being the same thing. It consists of two out of three notes from the chord “C major”, but has the significant difference that it is rooted in E. The notes E and C appear in both C major and E6 and that’s why C5 doesn’t sound totally off, but it is actually a mistake. Take a listen, and the virtous listener will pick up the difference.

D |-3-3–2-2-|
A |-3-3–3-3-| <- Eaug5
E |-1-1–0-0-|

what kind of strings are you using


There you go, have fun ^^

I want to know how to play GOOD RIDDANCE by green day !!
yeah, it was a request :D

mia?em si? uczy? kurcze a patrz? i s?ucham tej Pani i jako? tak nie mog? przesta?:)

what kind of guitar is it

@radiolibrasuffering Well frankly the comment saying she is lesbian got more likes than yours… xD

She’s pretty by the way. =)))))

It’s not about her gender, it’s about the guitar, k? You stupid morons, birdbrains! Stop judging!

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IF SHE IS A DAMN LESBIAN, DON”T JUDGE HER… if you had long hair and i called you gay, how would you feel? I happen to think she looks good that way, so there. Don’t be a troll or a dick, because honestly, this video is to HELP YOU…

How to Play 21 Guns by Green Day on On Guitar
Hey ass-holes,see the title?
It has nothing do to with her being a lesbian,and why do you care?It’s not your life anyway..geez.

@22Charile Like what ?
im Just telling my opinion about her :)

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