Home Brew Electronics Detox EQ guitar effects pedal demo w Tele & Jaguar Twin Amp

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Paul Gilbert Signature Model parametric Equalizer pedal from HBE Homebrew Electronix. Pretty cool idea really…especially if you’re playing an amp with only a couple of tone knobbies on it. I didn’t spend enough time with it, but then again, I never do, but after listening to the clips while editing, I really dig the pedal…plus, Paul Gilbert pretty much rocks ass! I used a www.kingbeeguitars.com relic Telecaster and a http Jaguar Twin Amplifier. Very affordable pedal, which is what we all need!
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It’s supposed to clean up a dirty sound. Hence the name Detox. It won’t push your amp like a boost pedal.

Love Paul Gilbert’s use of this pedal. Using it as a volume cut along with a compressor to clean up his sound without switching drive channels. Finding this pedal as a precursor for getting into DIY effects

@stupidcompany Look at all the stuff he has!

how do you know it’s Jack Black ?
lot’s ppl on the comments were saying he is Jack Black.
but how can you tell ?

Sounds absolutely USELESS.

I think this guy might actually be jack black. How else would he be able to buy all this stuff?

the problem every guitarist faces.

I liked the sound better with the EQ on. Interesting. Too much gear, not enough dough.

Nobody wants to play guitar and stoop down the floor to at the same time to turn these knobs,

but your sound with this thing will be so versatile if they could make some hands-free controls. This thing should be programmable with Banks Up & Down, or with pedals/sliders;


how about placing those 4 knobs on a slim case we could attach on the front of the guitar’s body?

yeah but danelectro and boss don’t have true bypass and this thingy looks like that switch is at least DPDT if not 3PDT.

I thought the same thing too. So I’m not the only one.

Whose talking? Jack Black? :) :)

how much does one of these cost?

You can do the same with a Boss GE-7 or Danelectro FIsh n Chips really…

i love this, its essentially backwards overdrive :D (Y)

Gearmandude oyu need a video showcasing all the gear you own in one grand video… like all your guitars, pedals, and amps!

This or a Mxr 10 band?

Paul Gilbert use this pedal to reduce his gain to a clean sound. I think his idea is for playing with an amp that has only a single channel like his Marshall Vintage Modern and Laney GH100.
I like your video but you should demonstrate by reduce level knob on Detox EQ, how good it can do for suppress gain.

Buen pedal, buena guitarra, buen amplificador, buen sonido y BUENAS BOTAS JaJa!!!

Thanks for this man!!!!! I needed a sound check of this amazing Paul Gilbert pedal!

thanks, for putting up the vid…I bought one with out even really getting to hear a demo and I love the pedal…one of my new favs

i can imagine playing the chorus to More Than Im Feeling with this pedal lol

ROFL…that floored me.
Had to restart the video cause I was laughing for 5 minutes after GMD said that.


Me too!

loving the mic’ed demos!

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