Half The Globe Away – Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Michael Casswell Lick Library

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www.licklibrary.com – Acoustic guitar lesson how to play Half The World Away on guitar with Michael Casswell at licklibrary.com Michael Casswell shows you how to play the Oasis hit Half The Globe Away. In this sample lesson Michael Casswell shows you how to play the intro to the song. For the FULL guitar lesson head to www.licklibrary.com
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Thank you for sharing Licklibrary

Danny Gill should have done this one though

@MetalFee666 It’s not about the chords

@abdakka0 they said it was super easy and gtfo go learn it yourself if your so good…

how did these get famous or even make any money with a chord progression like that

This song basically rips off Zeppelin. Listen to “down by the seaside”

are you kidding you lick library guys …… be serious and learn us some thing good not C and F chords …….

@olivierjaquet Hi doctor Nick…

casswell rules :)

@olivierjaquet Hi olivier, I saw some of your vids, you’re a great player !



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