Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City – How to Play on Guitar – Intro – Gibson Les Paul – Slash – Axl

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scooby Doo XD

hey marty i have listened to almost every episode you got. My guitar teacher is sooooooooo shocked by how i played enter sandman and crazy train. i just wanted you to know that your one cool dudeman :{D

@bottechato12 wich dick?


Dislike bar = Justin’s Dick

stop at 0:24 and look at marty :D DDD

8 People will never go to Paradise !

@kidgetsowned why???

And now I see a hammer on and pull off at 6:10 too when the close up is done!
Marty…gotta say…WHEN I CLICK ON MY FAVORITES TAB, ITS FULL OF “WHHHHATSSS UUUUUP, MARTY SCHWARTZ HERE!” Many has said before, you are the BEST on youtube! You have inspired me to purchase my first guitar and start picking them strings! Woohoo!!!!!!!

Love this lesson, but don’t I see a hammer then a pull off at 5:35 ? I think so, and for me its a little easier to pull off than to pick the string at that point…

Dingdanggongdong :P

ur amazing dude

Yo Marty Do Some Rush Lessons

lol at 4:19

Marty, you’re awesome buddy! Thanks for all the great lessons. By far the best Guitar instruction on the web. I’d shake you’re hand if I could. How about some more Pink Floyd covers?? “Is There Anybody Out There” would be a nice acoustic lesson. Hope to see it on here some day.

what kind of chouros pedal do u use mxr,boss ?


best teacher on the net cheers

Oooo yeah!!!

i was just stuck at 0.22 and it was JUST A LOL!!!

nice work dude!

PLZZ ANSWER IF U CAN!Can you please put the amp settings in the description because it would be much easier to get the sound you want!PLZZ ANSWER IF U CAN!

lol scooby doo

you’re awesome!

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