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Image by Barbara.Doduk
Rod Burn‘s guitars in black and white.

Rod is now the leader singer of the band JET BLACK STARE

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when I look at that (mistaking it’s your guitar) I can’t help but thinking of "Janie’s Got a Gun"

Ed, I’d love to live in your brain for a day!

And that’s an amp of my dreaaammss. Telecasters are nice as well.

ed is a bizarro world character

is it the amp of your dreams narco? i will let Rod know. haha honestly i have no idea about such things. each week i go over there and he has rearranged the furniture again, and last night this set up caught my eye so i snapped it.

It’s the second amp of my dreams. The first one will be mine soon!

nice collection. never mind the amp, i really like the takamine :)


Well done!

Thanks for sharing this with
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i love Rod’s guitars. specially when he plays them for me.

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