guitar wall

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guitar wall

Image by riebschlager
guitar wall project Completed! in no way once more will i accidentally knock over a guitar. these are all of my guitars minus a lap steel that will not hang considering that it does not truly have a neck. it’ll have to locate yet another home.

for those playing along at property, here’s what you need to have:

a wall
a 1&quotx6&quotx12′ of your favorite sort of wood
a router with your option of bit
wood screws
guitar hangers

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Nice. Just make sure you watch your humidity in the room.

and for the electric canoe paddle, mabe use something like the bottom u-shaped thing from a guitar stand and hold it up from the bottom instead of the non-existent neck?

you should post an instructable on this.

it was way too easy though… i’m ALMOST tempted to continue it around the corner. there’s space for two more guitars!


i see two guitars up there that need to be retired and replaced. the black alvarez electric and the extremely old pawn shop acoustic. you have anything you want to get rid of, david? :D


Playable art, Gotta love it when that happens!

unbelievable. can I move in?

I want a setup like this for my Guitar Hero guitars.

I am this – mad jealous.

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