Guitar Stolen – Ottawa 06 07

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Guitar Stolen – Ottawa 06 07

Image by Mikey G Ottawa
Saw Henry again tonight. Someone stole his guitar recently, this one above. I ended up giving him my old Yamaha Acoustic. And an old coffe mug as a slide, until he gets another highball glass. He was pretty happy about it. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get stolen. Good Luck, Henry! Here’s his new guitar.

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reward from One Of A Kind group
This is one of a kind piece of work !!!
please take a moment to join One Of A Kind
we’d love to have your photo added to our group.

That was nice of you

Great capture my friend.

You have captured the moment very well

What a lovely thing to do :-)

I don’t understand how people could be so low and mean to steel from him like that…

You have a very kind heart and I’m sure Henry is thinking the same thing! It’s people like you that make this world a better place! Got bless you Mikey.

You are all very kind. I have my electric guitar
and the guitar is Henry’s whole street gig.
Couldn’t help myself.
Thanks Joyce for the invite. Very kind as always
you are,
Chief, Thank You. I do Appreciate that.
Brian and Manuela . . . NIce of you. Thanks.
Kirsche Tortschen and Marlaine? . . .
I don’t mean to be boastful or brag.
Just giving the news.
The Weather in downtown Ottawa is
a balmy 22 C.
The sky is blue and the birds are singing.
Best wishes to you and yours, Good Folks.
Thanks and Cheers!

poor henry, that sucks, luckily he has a friend in you :) vedry interesting picture!

Thanks Very Much, Maria! Cheers!

Thanks Jake! What goes around,
comes around. Cheers!.

Great Idea, Nicolas! Working on it. Thanks. Best wishes!

I remember watching him on that very corner….I think. You’re an old softy Mikey. I can’t believe someone would steal his guitar. I think I saw him last near the canal on Rideau.

That is amazing to me. Our paths might have crossed
and I wouldn’t even have known it. I Am a softy.
I am also very lucky to have received the help that
I have had. Givin’ something back, Fred!

Thanks for coming by. Appreciate your visits and comments.
Your photos and writings are inspiring, Sir!
Best to you and yours, Fred!

The guitar that was stolen, what make/model was it? Does it have any marks or anything on it? Was it stolen with anything else like a case?

Appreciate the enquiry, Ouro! I couldn’t say, unfortunately.
That’s it above but I never got a chance to examine it closely.
Has a built-in pickup, I recall and volume and tone knobs
on the upper bout. Thanks anyway.

you are great person Mikey .. honestly , I really apreciate your gest .. u have so much time to replay to all this people .. taking photos .. nice pasion !!

have a great time !!

You are very kind, Mihai! A near-death experience in 2002 changed my outlook considerably. Surviving on a disability pension these days just confirms to me daily that we are all brothers and sisters in this troubled, modern world and that we must help one another. I am now convinced. Many fond thanks and best wishes to you and yours! Peace.

Hi, I’m an admin for a group called People and Guitars, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

Shot this on a tiny low-res camera so the quality’s lacking. Glad you like this. I still see Henry around. Many Thanks & Best WIshes! Peace.

Appreciate that. How about posting a link on the site to my photosets here?
Thanks very much! Best Wishes.

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