Guitar Speed Building Exercise

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Nice? tut. Is that a Gibson J-45?

motherfucekr, I was sleed on my bed with? the head phone, I alost had a stroke when he camen on”whatsssssssup” shit


He looks like the dude from epic meal? time :D

thank? you this was verrry helpful! :)

looks? like
paul gilbert

He’s cool :) ? haha!

holy cow i learn from every single vid you guys make no joke

Ty, cool video, nice and? clear, great work.

Ty, cool video,? nice and clear, graet work.


i thought that, i just? think he looks like his double!

Thank you– Good advice? on all points.

That guy can hit low notes….. I’m a bass in a choir…. And I thought that the slowed it down and? altered it O.o not healthy…

that guitar.? I WANT -__-

Definitely going to? try this everyday when i practice except i use my finger no pick far more challenging.

is that the? guy from Epic Meal Time?

Yes. Yes it does. It will hurt? at the start, but keep practicing, and you’ll be able to do some serious shit.

does this really work??

..sun records shirt!?

This is a cool variation to the standard tabs..i like it more, and would? like to replicate it myself…what’s up with some tabs or variation? ;-) great work

@LFCfan1993LFC yeah

My pinky seems to be too short? o.o

Is it normal to find this extremely? hard at first?

what gibson is that?

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