Guitar Songs – Minor Blues Progression Inspired by BB King – Blues Guitar Lesson

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One Dislike??? WTF’s up with that??? Way to go Marty. Another great lesson!!! Thanks!!!

DAMN! This guy can PLAY!

this great ..thanks

marty’s face when he says pressing down the chord is priceless

Very diggable, great work! :)

@nickmatty ditto

I have become obsessed with your lessons! I don’t sleep at night anymore. Keep up the great work!

Hey Marty, love your lessons and have improved thanks to you. The first 30 seconds you run the lead to the 4th fret. I would really like to see a related lesson to than now that I have these cords down. 5 Asters!!!!!

on the intro lick(lead) did you use a mode over the Em7 chord?? if so which. thanx

The thrill is gone.

I would like to see him play early ZZ Top thats very bluesy, like Watin For The Bus =)

can u teach that lick at the begening of the lesson

Great as always!

sounds good

This is A+++. I play it as shown on my electric and then ‘scratched ‘ it out on my accoustic. On the accoustic I kept the position of the first 2 chords but then used a G7 and Gbm7 on a lower position
root note to get more sound.

This lesson is bookmarked. A good thing Youtube lessons don’t wear out like old vinyl. This one is a keeper

Thanks from Canada

every thing is going to be alright lol

Hey, sorry if I offended you bro, I was being calm, it’s hard to convey chill-ness in youtube comments. But anyways, you should find some non-blues stuff on his other channels and on here if you look around.

as you said, who cares

wow…you calm down, and i just dont like the blues that much, i dont care what anybody else thinnks of it but i dont like it

Thanks for another great progression, I’m jamming with a drummer and probably a guitarist tomorrow, and I’ll be using this one for sure.
You have the best lessons, hands down.

He does. Have you seen his guitarjamzdotcom videos? And what about a few days ago when he did the one called “pure funk lesson” or something like that. Also, check the boxes under “more from: youcanlearnguitar” out of the first 5, only one of those videos is purely blues, and it can be applied to other genres.
Anyways, what’s wrong with blues?

greasyredneck – that’s just silly.

1, 4, 5 could kinda be called a 12-bar, depending on how it’s played.

So if you have really common progressions like the I, IV, V or the II, V, I, does this progression have a name most people would recognize and have different applications for?

Also – another great lesson, Marty. Keep ‘em coming

wow how you have grown since February when I first picked up a guitar and checked you out on youtube. This video was clear, concise, entertaining, informative, and ” diggable.” Dude, all your videos are awesome. Every f—ing one. I am another old dude, 40, but you give me confidence to just play and jam and I thank you for it. I bought a Fender electric and an old Memphis bass and along with my acoustic can’t get enough. You should accept contributions through Paypal.

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