Guitar Set

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Guitar Set

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I was lying on my back with my guitar head in the light – a crazy notion – want to photoshop the lamp out does anyone know how?

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Am I right in thinking you want to remove the organge blob to the right, not the wonderful halo of light around the guitar? If so, you could use the Stamp tool to clone parts of the halo on to the blob. Choose the icon in the toolbar that looks like a rubber stamp. Best to work on a separate layer. So:
1. Open Layers palette (Window>Layers)
2. Create a new layer (Layers>New Layer) and make sure it’s above the background layer.
3. Click on the Stamp tool.
4. At the top, check the Use all layers box.
5. Make the top (blank) layer active if it isn’t so already (simply single-click in it in the Layers palette)
6. Alt-click the area you want to copy, then click and brush over the lamp. Experiment with different brush sizes, hardness, opacity. This is a fairly blurry background, so a soft brush would work best. Click where it says "Brush" at the top of the screen and you’ll find a number of options you can change.
Resample often (Alt+click) to get a more blended finish.
If you don’t like the result, delete the new layer you created and start again.

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