Guitar Selling

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Guitar Selling

Image by bre pettis
I’m selling my handmade seagull guitar for 0. It’s a sweet thing, but I’ve only played it once since I got it a year ago. I’m documenting it for documenting sake.

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…besides, you could always just print out another one with MakerBot!


Officially a New Yorker… the day you sell your guitar.

Great little Parlor box.

Before you sell it, try this lick, I’m sure you’ll change your mind:

will you ship it to Seattle?

have you sold it yet? I would like to come pick it up and visit with you for a bit. My acoustic just broke.

Hey Steve, I actually have a Martin and Tele that a friend of mine is going to be selling in Seattle. Interested in a Martin D16 that’s been played a bit, has a ding in it, and sounds awesome for $750? Or the 81 re-issue of the 51 tele for $800?

Eric, come on over!

Hey Bre,

Nah, I just built myself a Tele, and in the Acoustic dept, I think that I will get an Epiphone EL-00 (blues king copy) cool, small, solid top, cheap.


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