Guitar Projects 004

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Guitar Projects 004

Image by jamestruepenny
The 1 on the appropriate was my main stage guitar for years and was given to me by a friend I have one more 1 with lipsticks in and I would enjoy to find far more of them the necks are great. I believe they are of Czechoslovak origin from the 1970′s, although to be fair the gear on them is a bit great for that appropriate milled tremolos. The original pickups are a bit powerful to. Mine where getting a bit micro-phonic so I swapped them out for a full scratch plate full of Wilkinson’s all wired in.

The Spyder on the Left was a guitar left over from a prior create by Chris one of my buddies who utilized it as a jig to test pickups when he was completed with it I bough it from him and loaded it with yet another scratch plate full of stuff from Wilkinson and it became my major stage guitar for a couple of years. The frets wore quickly although so its a back up and practice guitar these days sounds incredible still though.

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Did you really spell Spider with a "y"?

In this particular case yes cause its the brand not the arachnid.

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