Guitar Out My Window

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Guitar Out My Window

Image by chris.peplin
Just screwing about in my room.

10 second or so exposure for outside, 1/16 power SB-24 bounced off the ceiling to bring up the ambient just a smidge, and 3 pops of a snooted SB-24 on 1/16 to bring the guitar up.

Absolutely nothing unique, just low crucial.

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Just for grins, after seeing this shot, I’d try a long exposure and pop each of the photos on the wall…..

I like the guitar but I don’t think the ambient you were trying to get is all that interesting (although it’s good to practice). You might try an even longer exposure to get the wall outside the window to show some detail. That might be more interesting than a few lit windows (then again it might not).

Seen in Strobist (?)

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