Guitar Lessons – Sublime – Badfish – How to Play Reggae Guitar on Acoustic by Marty Schwartz

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Good Song

That looks like my island! Were you on the Big Island?

Hey? Rockers!!! Im having a guitar giveaway so watch the video on my channel explaining the giveaway. This is my first giveaway BTW

Looks like you should’ve brought some sun glasses haha.

Um, I don’t know what to say as you’ll only sensor my comment to hear what you like.
Um, control freak, narcissist and ego tripper come to mind.

greetings from UGA,
thanks marty u made my 4/20 i always wanted to learn this song but never really tried u made it pleasant, gona be playing this song now at a party tonight, hope u had a great day!

thx marty

marty thanx for your time!

one love man.. thanks.. you are really awesome

Marty all i can say is you are pretty awesome man. I really wish you luck in reaching that world record. I appreciate you taking your time from your family and just teaching people out there that are really not paying a cent!!! Thank you for your time. You are an amazing musician.

Time 2- Ewan Dobson pleasee! Btw marty you are amazing, love you !

I want your hat! BTW this song started my day pretty well ;D

this song is awesome. its so open for change according to style

I Love You

This man never stops working for us… I love you marty

Thx bro… greetings from Austria!

– AND no I`ll go back and have some fancy drinks!! =)


like the ” billionare rythm “”

@invibaidi Martin D28.

You are relentless! I love it… Gotta Love a music lover :)

Dude I live in hawaii to cool man, where where you

@chazzyboy1234 I never said you asked for my input. And i don’t need a question to say what i want to say. So Circa Survive is shit. Super shit.

@yluna217 thats funny, I could have sworn I didnt recall asking for your input.

hey marty, how do i join the thing your doing for the world record? i would like to join


@chazzyboy1234 no circa survive is shit

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