Guitar Lessons – Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror – How to play on Guitar – Acoustic Songs

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awsome! you look stoned marty

da geht er ab…

at lassssssssssssstttt, i know hos to play the wonderful song, merciiii marty
cheers from paris !

I’ve spent more time looking at your mug in the last 3 weeks than my wife’s. That’s not all bad, either. Because the noise I’m making drowns out the nagging too. The fact she loves this song is just a bonus. Thanks for the awesome lessons! I got next round.

Joey G

at :31 is when he realizes how cool he is

@mrbuhrundum42 lol i thought so

13:28 is hysterical…….’big butt’ with Sir Mix-a-lot….especially as tired as I am right now. Thanks for ‘keeping it real.’

r.i.p to michael:(

Starts at 1:00

@MusicByEdwin i agree

@grizizi watch?v=Y3XYdFZR5M0&feature=relmfu

marty what do you think about sungha jung???

enjoyin urself there marty? :) x hehe

May the Schwartz be with us. ^_^

I’m feeling that tee shirt, Marty… Great lesson btw. Got real soul.

13:53 did he say boner

How can people dislike this

does ur shirt say “may the schwarts be with you”? lol

NICE!!!!!! i never woulda thought of this as a good acoustic song but it actually sounds awesome!!! thanks again marty love ur lessons!!!

@0:27 WIN XD

Jamin in the begining marty!!!! DAMN!!!! hahaha LOVED IT!!!!

can you do a lesson on how to be so ridiculously happy?

lol look at the way he is smiling :D

@123browny456 Me too …. Ive been trying to play this a few days…..

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