Guitar Lessons – Jazz, blues, rock – intermediate – advanced – sweep – arpeggio

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@JohnnyRetweeter I think the Eb, the 3rd of cmin. functions as the b9 of the D, the V chord in the progression.

Can someone tell me how the Cmin9 appreg fits into a Gmaj progression? I know it sounds like it fits but I can’t make it fit on the theory side of things. C is the 4th of Gmaj and in a major scale the 4th is a major chord. So in theory Cmaj9 would be the appreg to play over a Gmaj Thanks :)

god dam this is beautiful!

@Vermillion2176 Ron you might be right. everybody got one bo

@bobryanguitar oh so thats your youtube channel. wow im so happy that you replied haha. so yeah greetings from Indonesia

@setalaka thank you right now im appearing on Martys site only but would love to help or answer questions you might have. bob

i freakin love it..Would love to hear more jazz lessons.Adding more flavor to penitonic scales with arpeggio’s !! Very nice as always Marty!!

I love listening to you two jam it’s so amazing!

Bob needs a funny hat. Everyone else has a funny hat.

Big Ron

you guys should be very happy! you guys are popular, and you have a nice job, which is your hobby! good for you! : D

bob ryan is awesome! does he have a website or something?


Ma..velous, You sound MMav..elousss!!!

quality, thank you very much in deed.

thanks so much Marty and Bob

you are amazing!!

it’s pure fun to listen to you …

@wolfisloose you are sooo right. one of my favorites. thanks bob

@netruno Oh wow!! i know waht you mean! this is trouble…

Minor scale = 9th degree = minor nineth.. so they get their name from the scale they come from even though they’re the same…

That’s a really bad method, becuase if you wanted to play a b9, instead of calling it *flat nine* one could call it Minor nine..

Minor is another word for Flat… o geeze… i feel bad for people who get lost and confused..
Major scale = 9th degree = major 9th

Wow.. That was awesome. You two jam so well together.

love the jam at the end. Play on!

I see you are into blues now huh?

Well, Minor and major 2nds and 9ths are the same.
Theres no such thing as a minor 9th. Its just a 9th cuz its the same in both maj and minor.

I’m a little confused… i alwasy thought that chords formulas were alwasy made relative the major scale… Marty mentions that the 7th fret of the G string is the minor 9th degree.. In any scale 9 = 2… so the major 9th in the key of C is D.. therefore the minor 9th is Db… if this is true… then the 7th fret of the g string can’t be the minor 9th because 7th fret is a D natural.. I’m sure i’m mistaken… anybody care to help me out?

more jazz marty more jazz

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