Guitar Lessons – Alice in Chains – Rooster – How to Play on Guitar – Gibson SG

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wow the gibson sg looks almost like my epiphone sg exept… its GIBSON

Marty do nutshell by AIC

Best guitar teacher on Youtube. Marty has become a legend.

Which SG model is this ? Standard ? Special ?

Marty please make full song lesson for alice in chains – would? PLEASE including the solo

please can you explain how to play GODSMACK songs!!?? please and specially the one called “im running blind”

marty can you teach how to play some avenged sevenfold songs! plz!?

do bleed the freak!!!

Please please please please please please please do a lesson for Nutshell by Alice In Chains??

nice explanation of this song

how come you only show the intro and this song has an easy intro

I think the main reason they played a half step down is bucause it makes it easier to sing and you also get a darker sound. Most of the 90′s bands did that, thats the tuning i use because i have a deep voice and its easier for me to hit higher notes.

@FrE3k1991G there are raley bands that have all songs in standard tuning

Why is every alice in chains song never in standard tuning????

Please play more Alice In Chains. That would be great.

ha!! saw you film this on your vlog!

thats badass man


Thanks on the video….

anyone who doesn’t like this song is a douche

I <3 Your guitar, So much… Very nice Marty

@krazy4knives Indeed my friend. I already mourned that one though! But always RIP to Layne!

@jizzle765 and Layne Staley!!!!!

” you could be mine “”"

why doesnt he teach any rolling stones

Damnnnnn. Your good man. I’m about to get my first guitar I hope I can be as good as you someday

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