Guitar lesson by The National on Q TV

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25 As part of Q TV’s ‘How to’ on Q Aaron Dessner from Brooklyn’s The National demonstrates how to play ‘Fake Empire’ and ‘Slow Show’ on guitar.

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His Sheraton sounds amazing even unplugged. Mine never sounded that good…

@cuttoothom I think yes.

@arashaeri The best band in the world:)

the best rock band in the world

Honestly. How does he make that sound come out of that instrument. Just. Honestly how can it be so perfect?

@lucadepu You shut your dirty whore mouth.

@cuttoothom yes


I KNOW HIM!!! for like 15 YEARS!!!!

…can anyone tell me what? song Aaron is playing?…thank you…

@Estigon2006 it’s a sheraton

agreed cuttoohom.saw them at glasto this summer..fuckin amazing..

@cuttoothom the national kinda blows

@jackmilas ..Why? What more could you need? You can see him playing it-he gives you the chords. The only thing that might be confusing is that he says the chords in relation to the capo, rather than their first position forms, and doesn’t explain that. But so what? You can see what he is holding.

@TheDepressedNinja Im pretty sure its a Epiphone Emperor

how can you compare Animal collective with Wilco?
do you prefer Brother Sport or At least that what you said?
I think you should be deaf to compare them.
and if it is too hard to comprehend for you: they’re doing too much different music.

Can anyone tell me what guitar Aaron is using? It looks like an Epiphone Sheraton, but can’t find anything exactly like it. Could it be one of the original Sheratons like the one John Lee Hooker Played?

@roryrandomlyrocks … they’re called power chords.

@MQqua1 ah they are Class to be fair mate just a very different band

bad lesson

It seems you read pitchfork. So do I but I don’t make silly comparative analysis of bands. Neither do they. But you do. Well done.

I must read you more often and make a league table of how my mood, experiences and concepts can be made to fit with your league table.

I wish they’d have explained ‘mistaken for strangers’ instead, something mystifying is going on there…

You are comparing one of the best-critically-reviewed American bands of the decade (Animal Collective) with one of the most hated non-bands of the decade (Britney Spears).

That’ll teach me to post a serious comment on YouTube.

One of the Worst comments i’ve ever seen, Animal collective are better, You left out Britney spears

What chords did he say on slow show?

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