Guitar Hero Claims An additional Victim

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Guitar Hero Claims One more Victim

Image by zzathras777
Scott succumbs to the joy of playing Guitar Hero three on the Wii.

Strobist: SB800 on floor, aimed at white ceiling/walls. 28mm, 1/two power. Triggered by CLS with manual exposure.

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Another one bites the dust…..

ZZ Top eat your hearts out…

Dave :-) Not quite sure how long it will take for the beard to grow!

been there before, done that. ahem. =)

just home, took a slight detour. =D

Can’t imagine what you mean about the detour, but I’m sure that you’ll enjoy GH3 for PS3 as much as you enjoyed it for the Wii :-)

I’m sure I don’t know what you mean? =)

(nearly had a white box though)

Ah, we tempted you with the Wii then? :-)

even though he Wii Fit shouted at me to get off, yeah. lol.

It does that to me all the time as well. It says some words that seem to suggest there is more than one person on it…

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