Guitar Boogie – Arthur Smith

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My rendition of the tune from Arthur Smith, Guitar Boogie. I’ve played it on my telecaster on a self made BT with drums, bass, and acoustic guitar. I have made the tab of my rendition, if you want to get it. Enjoy.
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Can’t stop dansing when I’m listening to this song..

If I had a dime for every pixel in this video, I would have a dime.

Very creative playing.

Brilliant, you ‘re like a cros between Link Wray, Duane Eddie and Bert Weedon. Enjoyed this very much

i love how you don’t overplay it like many others that do this song does


Damn cool mr guitar killer,,, keep that beat!!!!!!!

What’s your secret, mister guitar man?

i totally love your rendition,you got me dancing.

how do i get the tabs ??


bad to the bone !! it is great

I love it!!!!!!

i wouldnt mind looking at your tab of rendition myself, thanks for sharing

omg this is a long song to play with for the first time playing bass

This warm Telecaster sound is unmistakable … Very nicely played.
Greetings from switzerland

All I can think of to say is WOW!!!!!!!

you rock mate “” it still sounds like the old days, and so it should. that song was the 1st for me to play on the gat at age 13 , im now 59 an i still play it just the same way as you do… luv it……..

You guys would like to see Tommy Emmanuel’s version!

love friend…well done

very nice!!

groovy thx

i have listened to a lot of boogie rendentions and this is one of the best


great cover and amazing and fantasic sound !

Spot on. Very impressive. Perfect cover.

Bravo tout simplement
je me régale
@+ merci

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