Guitar 2: Yamaha Cpx 700

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Guitar two: Yamaha Cpx 700

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There is a bit of a story to this, I purchased a guitar on ebay and have been playing it for about four weeks, I took it to four shops to do a set up for me, but they all wanted two or more weeks to set it up and from £100 to set it up, so I took a trip to the coast right now.. and traded it out for this, which plays and sounds so much nicer .

Yamaha CPX 700 electro acoustic

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i have read so many reviews about how good this guitar is along with the APX/CPX series all solid spruce top electroacoustic..
i went to the store and i tried the cpx700 its so damn easy to play .. i loved the guitar and i would recommend it for anyone..
the cpx900 was out and didnot find any to try with.. but comparing both prices i would still go for the 700 with gauge 12 ..

I tried the APX/900 , the sound didn’t seem much different to me, I love this guitar, its sounds great even with10′s on it. Maybe we should start a club :)

Sweet, I know you gotta be loving it. The guy that helped my wife find mine is still telling me he wishes he’d bought it for himself.

Lovely! I got a black one a couple of weeks back! Beautiful guitar and sounds as sweet as sugar.

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