Grady Champion/Dime Amps at Dean Guitars NAMM 2009

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Grady Champion was Dimebags guitar tech. He is showing the DIME AMP new to Dean Guitars NAMM 2009
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razorback all the way!!!

im friends with him!!!! shes fucking annoying!


are you an ex boyfriend or something?… LOL

I cant stand that cunt. Fuck you, Lacey! I hope you die!

3:14, hey it’s Dave Grohl!

they have the 20 watt shown on the dean site, idk about the 150 but i know im getting the stack when it comes out,

dean ML 79, i think

i know!

really? then the folks over at krank are liars

i think thats even more disrespectful

i think its this month but keep chekcing on the internet searching on google dean blacktooth amp you should be finding something if you just keep checking

@666Napalm666Death666 when this year ? and where is it going to be sold ?

this year

don’t know if anyone noticed, but that was lacy from rock of love

so when is the amp coming out on sale to the public? he said 3 months from the day it was recorded,,so far no news about it,,,when its the amp coming out ?

dang a new level sounds intense through that amp.

Hail King Champion!!

what guitar is dime playing in the poster in the backround

i think its cool that they actually put out an amp with his early solid state sound and wild EQ curve. The warhead didnt sound as good as the RG or the Century either way you went you still had to EQ the shit out of it.

nice they named it after the blacktooth grin


Grady your one bad ass mother. You were the tech for the greatest. You were so major in capturing that bad ass tone he and he alone had.

grady champion = class act!

what do you mean

wasent she on rock of love

Dang! Keep it, man…Show your colours :)

this guy was his tech,
i dont think he wold milk dime.
this was done for respect

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