Goodbye Blue Sky/Anybody Out There? (fingerstyle guitar)

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TAB AVAILABLE, READ ON…In my early 20′s I was heavy into Pink Floyd, here are a couple I still remember, back to back. I’ve tabbed them up already for all you tab junkies… You can get the tab, mp3 and other resources at: Enjoy, JAW
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Nice! Thanks for the tabs!

great cover!!! :D

I posted this on Facebook’s Pink Floyd’s site. Hope it was ok.


dude…love this. My favorite melody by pink Floyd. I will be learning this tonight

this is fantastic fella, how long have you been playing for??

@crookhunter Ha ha, nah, work clothes :)

Are you wearing a boy Scout uniform?

I am listening to this video over & over & over.. Excellent, Love it..

Sounds great. You have practised very very well indeed. Thanks for sharing..

I think I never have seen a better cover of this song. It’s amazing how you keep the feeling of it. Thanks for sharing this with us =D

@gonzonoid Perhaps it would be better to say it is not like the original, they play a C shaped chord there at the third fret – A string Fifth Fret, D string 4th Fret, B string at Third Fret.

@abs0luteabsence how is the opening wrong?

The opening part is wrong but still a nice cover

Incredible guitarmanship! Sounds great!

i like your version of this classic,i play alot of pink floyd,but not so much yhe old stuff,you have enspired me to go back in time so thankyou,keep up the good work m8

i said lovely cover

Very nice, well played, like it.. Thanks..

@popastone Good to hear Popa. If you are a Floyd fan, I recommend all of my Floyd pieces – each and every one of them is enjoyable to play :)

Upload some videos!

@adamsmithwastheman If you have the TABs in front of you… you can see the fingerings well enough to see how he is jumping from chord to chord (I often find my self reading TABs and thinking HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!!?) This video is more than enough to show you what you aren’t getting from the TABs.
Jawmunji: With your TABs & video I was able to get the GBBS part of this arrangement 80% down in just under an hour. But bed was calling me. Another hour and I’ll be playing along with the Video!

such an amazing song

ive watched all your videos. your amazing. absolutely incredible.. thank you i purely enjoyed it and in awe

DAMN! awesome cover and awesome tabs, im definitely going to try to learn this

Man, Excellent!

lovely version. you are a great musician. floyd forever

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