Good Charlotte – Standing Ovation

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@misscutiegirlXX i clicked on it because i disliked it. i prefer their older music

I love this song ! <3

The 3 people That Clicked dislike… The like buttons green, Look next time.

i totally agree with misscutiegirlXX 3 people probably meant to push the like button

3 people missed the like button

Cardioligy- 15 songs of pure genius!

This is my favorite song on Cardiology. I hope they play it live. I would love to see it.

No metter what in this world
This song ALWAYS makes me feel better.
I love GC ! ?

cardiology is so amazing.. There Shie Goes and Standing Ovation are my fave songs =)

GC forever!!! Just love their new album. I think all songs have someting hard to pick a favorite maybe counting the days or standing ovations or 1979 or…. as I said it’s hard to pick a favorite they are all very good.

@JamesBeam420 i agreee.. don’t feel bad i hit the wrong button when i wanted tlike thiss

This song deseerves nothing more than it’s title.

sounds like benj is singing this..anyone know whcih songs he sings on this album? i know hes sings something as lead vocals

i had a moment w/ GC in this song, and I actually cried. lol. definitely my favorite song on Cardiology. They’ve been my fav band since 4ever and this song really sums them up in general. GC4ever!

okay, good stats so far, nobody better fuck this up with dislikes, GC fans will burn down your house!!!

finally a new gc song that sounds like it could be from their first album like they said

i love doubt. amazing. my fave song is 1979

GC have always been pop rock wether it be pop punk, post punk with GMR or whatever. If you want some hardcore shit you wont find it with these and never will. Personally, I think this album is amazing and this song in-particular. Fair enough the album has it’s weak spots with an obvious Rhianna influenced piano part but I can’t fault that much, Can’t want to see them on tour!

Yeah this is my favorite song off the album too. Great track.

this is one of the better songs on the album which is ok most sons on there are to pop for true gc fans like me

Even though they’re not my favourite band anymore, but they’re the second one so yeah haha, I still love them to death

@ChainofGrace walrus tits gc is back hahaha omg i love this comment
anyways, i agree with you. this album is ok but i expected a LOT more, especially after they promised this album is gonna sound like their first one (my favorite by far).
doesn’t sound like it at all though.

@ChainofGrace I couldn’t disagree more. I mean, I respect your opinion, but this is honestly one of my faves by them. This album is amazing and yeah, some songs are about partying but not all. This for example, 1979, harlows song and most of them aren’t. And most of the songs on here I could see being on the self titled. This included especially. I think it’s an amazing album and I think most would agree.

honestly, this album is good. but it’s not like “WALRUS TITS GC IS BACK THIS IS WHATLHS DLGK JADSLGK JA” you know it was good but not what i was hoping for. i thought the melodies were good, most songs. but the lyrics just seemed too, they lost essence just party this party that. bitch please, i am the master of sleep and time… XD fave song was right where it belongs, i still think gmr had a bigger impact than this. this album was like billy talent 3, and nightmare by a7x. good but.. you know.

the chorus looks like “thank you mom”. beautiful song as always with GC

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