Go Radio – Singing with the King (Acoustic Music Video off Lucky Street)

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Why didn’t I know about them sooner?

he looks so different with facial hair and short hair

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@MercilessMrBrooks They did. This was before.


4 people never will go sing with Elvis…

FUCK! this is good…

They have ratings for this, but i left it unrated,, ’cause they don’t have a “love” rating, and the other ones just don’t come close to how i really feel.

@xmyusernamegoesherex “This song is all about saying, “Hey, if it’s my time to go tomorrow, then I’ll be okay. I’m fine with what I’ve done and the decisions I’ve made. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve cried and I’ve found ways to smile after. And at the end of the day, that’s more than a lot of people get to say.”” Straight from Jason’s mouth, via AltPress’s Track by Track

“Don’t take another day away from me, Cause I don’t got many as it stands
Here on the rooftop screaming like the world stopped.” ~ This is life,, This song signifies to be happy with where you are in life, and to be happy. Don’t let that person who’s bringing you down do it. Live Your Life.

@drummrath2 also i think Freddie is reference to Freddie Mercury

Gotta love $4,000 Taylor Guitars played in drop D haha

i swear i’ve listened to this song at least 500 times since i first heard it last week… <3

This song is obviously about many people that died that meant something to Jason. He said in one interview that Carly was one of Go Radio’s close friends, along with being a fan, that had passed away. When he references ‘daddy’ in the first verse, he probably was referencing his father. And then “Remember the days we thought we were golden” refers to when the artists referenced in the song were at the peak of their musical career. And “The angels filling up the place, Carly’s walkin’ she’s the

@pbbananasandwich I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. Elvis is dead, how else would he sing with him? “Daddy sittin in the corner with (johnny) Cash when Mr. (keith) Moon picks up the beat.” All of three mentioned people are dead. It’s about being ok with dying.

I can’t help but thinking at the beginning of this: “No, Jason. This song is called Singing with the King.” But I mean he did right it, so…

wow, this is absolutely astonishing and amazing, I love Go Radio.

he gives me goosebumps, inspiration, and hope.<3

This song… his voice… ohmygod. :) I saw them on warped tour. They are f*cking amazing. <3

ELVIS is the king, lets go sing with him!!!!

the stupid music at the beginning is so dumb…….. zzz

I’m speechless… Jason is THE legit talent !!!


FUCK ALL OF YOU, they gave me a bonner, that means a pretty fucking great band .|.

If you like this band then you should totally check us out! New album this fall<3

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