Gibson USA Presents The Les Paul Normal

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25 Gibson USA Presents The Les Paul Standard

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@ZenithMusicVideos From personally experiences, I’m not a fan f Rosewood necks because:
1. It gets stickier and dryer overtime in comparison to maple and ebony. The dry part about it is what bothers me the most.
2. I don’t like the way it looks.
3. Although the difference is very subtle, I think Mable and Ebony necks tend to sound a little brighter.

@solidiquis1 what do you not like about rosewood necks (not hatting, legitimately curious?)

Iced Tea.

No problem.

@ErosaScuderia tnks friend

@Macsk8ing good point. people love to bitch about expensive gear.

$2,649.99 (Plus Tax)

Uhhh, Gibson hasn’t used actual Pearl or shell for inlay on the Standard for maaannyy years.It’s acrylic now. Go read the specs page on the Gibson site lol.

@TheIzzyGuy Gibson sg, or Les paul studio. New are around your price range. On ebay, used Gibson sg specials go for around 700$ and les paul studios around 900$

Rosewood neck -.-

The cooler guitar I ever see. The better guitar I ever know.
Just magnificient.

@SmokeBojangles what?

@ledzep468 Actually, because i live in australia everything ships from the U.S.A. the shipping prices add up, the retails raise the price so they make money, i end up paying about 3 grand… that IS a lot.

@ledzep468 your right, it is a great guitar, but what should i buy with a budget of 1000-1200 dollars? :/ something good but not expensive>?

what is your price?

Why do people complain about the price? If you can’t afford one, theres always good ol’ dave on tradetang.

Enjoy Great Gibsons while you can!Obama Is Confiscating Them!

that guitar wakes up and piss excellence

All I know is gibson made the most valuable electric guitar (59 burst) and gibson didnt set the price on it. Gibson is always striving, making self tuning guitars and their custom shop is the best (besides their prices but you get what you pay for). If you arent looking at money, gibson is the best guitar company. Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls are amazing IMO. Now go say fender is perfect even though you are watching this video because you’re interested in a les paul. Not saying fender is bad.

saving up for a gibson les paul standard 2008. what finish should i get.

Ice Tea? or Desert Burst

Ok, then. Gibson’s name is synonymous for quality and excellence.

but will it blend?

Epi quality fades like any other guitar. Just sayin’.

@ErosaScuderia because you can tell a chinese replica from a real gibson. gibson is better quality. real gibsons you DO pay for the name pretty much. i could get a epi standard paul and make it every bit as good as a gibson if i wanted

People say you pay for the name. If that’s the case, then why don’t the Chinese replicas cost $2,500 then, huh? They do have “Gibson” on the headstock, don’t they? Exactly, so shut the fuck up.

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