Gibson J200 Elite Custom Review

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i can be reach at cheers Jarvis Gibson J200 custom elite-tobacco Burst jumbo size, 16-3/4″ lower bout, antique natural finish, spruce top, highly flamed maple back and sides, 14-fret 2-piece flamed maple neck, white-bound ebony fretboard, abalone crown inlays, 20 frets, bound headstock with black veneer and pearl inlaid “Gibson” logo and abalone crown, rosewood moustache bridge with abalone block inlays, engraved tortoise plastic pickguard with inlaid abalone dots, double white-bound body with bwbwb top purfling, abalone soundhole rosette, gold Grover Imperial tuners, Custom Shop decal on back of headstock, built in Bozeman, MT, 1-3/4″ nut, 25-1/2″ scale, with arched-lid HSC
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gorgeous guitar man,? truely beautiful

what a cool guy,? cool guitar too :)

omg, the front was beautiful, but there was too much abalone for me, then i have a visual? organism for the sides, then the back, and a another for the neck. makes my J-45 Custom look simple.

tree peace neck lol good review man? just teasing

@60smusicforever11 I don’t own a guitar shop and alot of this guitars are not mine? but my clients. I work on guitars during my spare time. I have several good guitars that I love…having bought and own more than 50 guitars i’m down to about 10 pieces..

@guitarsaddle what kind of? guitars you own?

@guitarsaddle No I do not have a J200…in my stable…but i have good guitars …space? is a constrain for me..

@guitarsaddle Oh I see. I like guitars, playing them and maintaining them. I only have a Peavey T-60 electric guitar,? which is kinda crap but hey it’s free, can’t complain. But anyway, I like that Gibson J200 you posted, its very nice guitar. Do you own a Gibson J200 by any chance?

@60smusicforever11 I don’t have a guitar? shop…but i work on guitars during my spare time for people for a small fee..and that explains how I get so many good guitars sent in..these reviews are only a small fraction guitars that i post..cheers from Singapore ..Jarvis

Hey Jarvis, do you happen to own a guitar shop?? You have a lot of good guitars.

itself, it’s a nice guitar,? itself :) (no worries :P )

Great guitar. Out of curiosity,? what kind of Picks do you use?

@ZNISMOCTV Hi Friend..the Epiphone version is made in china…and in life you really get what you pay for…it may look the same but tone wise..the real J200 packs alot of juice and power in? it…though the Ephiphone piece is not that bad sounding to start off with..cheers Jarvis

Hey Mr. Jarvis! Whats your opinion on the Epiphone Version of this? guitar, the EJ200?

great review,? mate!

the? shitties school holiday’s lol…….

@TheJpw926 wow that is very tough coz you? do get what you pay in life..i would suggest a Blueridge guitar dread that would be close

@guitarsaddle Hey i was wondering if you could help me pick out a guitar that sounds similar but is around $300. im? still kinda new to guitar and not sure what i should be looking for.

Lol that’s soooooo proud? !!!

Great review Excellent Guitar you should be? spool proud just a classic !!! Peace

you must be rich you? have loads of guitars

I’ve had mine for 3 years now but in a? light faded sunburst colour. It sounds amazing.

@sc12100 the Larrivee ones are good too…only when its new..the top normally sounds very tight ..once it opens up the bass response blossom..good and well made? guitars

What do you thing? about Larrivee guitars?

I may have a child? just to sell it for this guitar.

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