GEAR CHAT: EMG 81 & EMG 85, 9 volts versus 18 volts, Gibson Les Paul

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Go to this link…it will help!

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Are you from Georgia? awesome video though dude!

What’s the name of that tune?

Nice one. I currently building a custom made and, I will def be doing this.

@brownhog72 Are you a Covenant fan? (Now known as “The Kovenant”) Also, props on not losing your cool in the “chicken/watermelon” thing. People are stupid.

Thanks for the video, man!

the 81s sound horrible with the clean tone but the 85s sound awesome with it but im sure you alredy know that

i love when the guy walks in lol

@TURBO2U2 your right mate they sound exactly the same

18 volt ? MYTH ! No Tonal Difference. Sorry to burst your bubble. Or ? Maybe you just like more junk in your trunk ? The meter & ear tell the story. No more output in power & no tonal difference. Sorry, it’s in your head !!!!

What’s the bakground music while the tech is doing some soldering?

tune your guitar first

Heres a question….have you tried Re-Chargable 9volts?

nice, i was thinking of adding a 2nd 9v to my 81. Im convinced now. Thanks!

Cleans sound meh

should get a stand…

What the fuck. Racists suck!!!!

@xBCxRICHx1993 yea go for the 81 in the bridge nd 85 in the neck or and 81x in the bridge nd the 85x in the neck

@bighf24 i have a bc rich warlock revenge. it came with shitty pickups and for the most part its a pretty good guitar for the price. and thanks =]

@xBCxRICHx1993 no the zakk wylde set is just and 81 and 85 just a little more expensive cuz my man zakk is on the box nd wuht kind of guitar do u have? ill tell u how it will sound with what emgs in what position get back to me

great reviews man. but i have a couple questions if you could get back to me. 1) you have your 85 in the neck? im pretty sure it belongs in the bridge? is there that much of a difference? 2) the zack wylde emg 81/85 active emg’s come in a pair with everything needed to install. BUT does his signature model sound different than the ones you buy seperate? I was looking to buy the zack wylde signature but i was curious if it has a diff sound though. if you could reply back that be great! thanks :D

@GGuitar45 You can put EMG p/u’s in anything you just have to route the guitar for a battery.

@ty2drew supposedly EMG’s 81 in the neck, 85 in the bridge. Supposedly.

What pickups does Tom Morello use on Arm the Homeless?

I never heard of doing this before today, I just did the mod and it really improves the tone and the dynamic response…plus it was super easy to do…pretty much anybody can do this without having to worry about messing things up. A simple and great way to take things to the next level

witch would u choose DigiTech RP355 or Boss ME-25

dude you dont deserve all that nice gear. you suck ass at playing

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