Gareth Pearson – Paranoid Android (Radiohead) – Solo Acoustic Guitar

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Paranoid Android (Radiohead) arrangement by Gareth Pearson on his CD “Urban Echoes Vol 1″ available at, and itunes Visit Gareth Pearson at http and
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oh no not another one! how? many guitars am i gonna have to throw away?

@vuesnat MATON? Never heard of it…I’ve never been too fussy w/ guitars. I think if you’re a good guitar player, you can MAKE anything sound good :) Me on the other hand…I need more practice…so, that doesn’t really apply to me so much,? lol.

@cestherrun its a MATON? EBG808 in my opinion one of the best acoustic guitars ever made!

Fucking incredible?

Is that a Taylor? The song is originally a? crazy song, so much chaos musically…he pulled it off w/ just one instrument, impressive.

Am I the only person? who doesn’t particularly like this?

@Stophocles probably just standard
he doesnt like to? use other tunings

@blackatmosphere4 I hate? to tell you this, but that isn’t your mind in your pants.

Too busy for? my ears..though technically impressive.

I didn’t realise just how shit i was on the guitar until I watched? this..

I uh.. don’t? think I, uh, want to play guitar anymore.

@pontius21 lol? yeah..XD

@ZeroALLEY? Candyrat Studio?:P

As a musician I? find this version just as good as the original if not better.

mind….. blown, i need new pants?

nice! btw HEY what are you doing? in andy’s room??? :0

Anyone been able to figure out? how this is tuned?


I honestly wasn’t really a Radiohead fan until I watched this video, then I really got into? Radiohead. Bravo.

Orgasmic? period

Wild stuff!?

@garyhead22 its a? maton.

HOLY…. What? guitar is that?



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