Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET vs Anniversary Mosfet guitar effects pedal shootout demo

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www.fulltone.com The Full Drive overdrive mosfet version, standard off the shelf as of October 2009, versus the first Mosfet version they released as the anniversary model. Just wanted to put em’ up side by side, and let you decide if they’re the same…or different…

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I’m planing on buying a fulltone pedal do you recomend the fulldrive, the OCD or the Plimsoul.
i play mostly classic rock, blues etc.
amazing reviews btw
thank you

What’s the name of the song at the begining please?

@thesjkexperience – Indeed, the humbucker flavor makes them pretty much indistinguishable … has anyone looked at the circuits? They may very well be the same & FullTone is simply playing on the GAS syndrome that so many players are afflicted with …

i just got the blue one today , its awsome , and how did you record the audio for this vid?

blue pedal(in the end of video)with foul overdrive has more rich sound….

to me the blue one sounds clearer

nice boots!

Have you tried the pedals with an 18 volt supply and if so, is there much of a difference to the sound as opposed to using a 9 volt?

I notice a very slight difference. The red one sounds better to me.

To my ears, the blue one sounds MUCH better. BIG difference!!!
A richer, fatter sound with a lot more overtones.
Thanks for the test, Dude!!!
Best wishes from B-Joe

@phriend2spin No, there are changes made to the circuitry.

Fulltone FD2 changed my life ha ha!

Please do not die Gearmanndude.

How did you get the blue light under the board?

Same parts different paint.

The red one sounds a bit rounder, more natural, in my opinion.

With my eyes closed could not tell a difference, with them open the red one sounded a little more compressed.
He’s not Jack Black, Jack White, or Jack in the box. He is the best pedal reviewer on the net. It’s surprisingly easy to find out more about him…google.com

One blue ones red. thats all I can smell. Dont know what the price difference smells like. Ill take the cheaper one with some rattle snake boots just so I can stomp like Nacho here.

Togliti quei merdosi stivali pitonati, per piacere!!!!

You are the most epic guitar pedal reviewer.

red one wins. just because of the nice feedback it gave.

They sound like Digital Trailer Trash…..

I find that the newer one sounds a bit more clear and brighter…… everything a rythym guitarist needs.

What is the song?

It’s Jack Black. Who else could afford all this shit…

Honestly, whats the difference of those 2? They’re just identical with different casings…

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