Freekish Blues Chubb Up octave fuzz guitar pedal demo with Les Paul

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25 The Davy Knowles signature Chub Up Octafuzz dual pedal demoed with humbuggies.
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I bought this pedal right after watching this demo……. I’m Blown away by how good it is. This FUZ is the FU-Snizzle!

Nice tones across the dial! Been looking at a couple octave fuzz style pedals…. this is very nice.

GMD where did you get that cool @ss skull & flowery carpet???????????????

Sounds wonderful on the Humbuckers! Got one on the way!

sounds cool as

i fucking need this.

Watch this video to see gearmandude, start at 1:40 search The State of the Vintage Guitar Market

This is not Jack Black, I saw another video with this guy and you see his face. And although the voice is close, it is not the same. Still, these are the best reviews Ive seen, and he is funny.

Wow, where did you bought that?

i seen many vids of TD and ive never seen jack play electric guitar ever just saying! besides school of rock but thats mostly chords!

@fatadam16 seriously? listen to his band tenacious d

@fatadam16 watch school of rock

@fatadam16 Jack black and Kyle gass have a group called tenacious D. Jack black is one sick motherfucker on a guitar. I honestly believe that this man could be jack black.

@ThisRandomBoy blackjack!

i really want to believe that this is jack black but honestly who the hell has ever seen him play real electric guitar? not me!

You need to make a new video buddy

is this a true-by-pass?

Les Paul bridge pick up with No foooze! haha love it! Also diggin’ the freak-nasty dissonant fuzz thing this lil box has got going on. 2:43 3:15 and 4:49 on…..Killing me with Awesome :) I can’t be the only one who loves out of this world fuzz like that.


FUZZ screaming I love it !!!!

this pedal has a lot of grit i like it a lot

i love all the guitars u have an i no u have to be Jack Black u sound just like him act just like and u play just like him i have all of the Ds cds i have the move

@xloserx4xchristx thats cool too.

This pedal is totally killer. I have tried soo many Octave Fuzzes, but this one is here to stay.
In a real band setting, it cuts through and is a pleasure to play.
Kudos to Freekish Blues and Davy Knowles.

@mgarandsniper He sell them/trades them around a lot.

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