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whatever feels best for ya man

if you play acoustic, it’s not WRONG to put your thumb close to the E string but try to keep the claw shape whenever possible. classical guitars have wider necks than acoustics so the claw shape has it’s roots here. you won’t see a classical guitarist playing with his thumb sticking out. keeping the claw shape makes it easier to play the cords without having your fingers end up in weird angles. but as i said, acoustics have narrow necks so it’s not a big deal if your thumb sticks out sometimes.

Keep your thumb there when you want to mute out the string.

I have hohner hw300, good.

ok,here is a tip.i am not an expert or something,but try the electric guitar,and then move out to will play very easily with steel strings,cuz they are more lighter,and easier to pick.ooh,and about your hand,keep it at natural as possible,be very gentle.some adults will keep their thumbs to low e beacuse they have very long hands,and can do this without forcing their muscles.I really hope this helps

Err Cedar is a very soft wood. O.o

Well dude, it depends on you… are you playing classic? if you are, its wrong u have to mantain ur thumb on the neck if you are playing by urself and u feel like u are comfortable do it :) good luck!

yeah man, it’s fine if your thumb isn’t on the back of the neck, as long as you have support behind the neck.
A lot of guitarists, including myself, are even able to fret notes on the low E string with their thumb wrapped around the fretboard, which adds a huge amount of versatility for your technique . Check out some Jimi Hendrix videos, he practically invented this style.

First off, it’s “thumb” not “thump”. If you don’t start saying “thumb” in reference to your opposable digit, I’m gonna “thump” you on the head.

Now as for your question, it is correct posture to keep your “thumb” on the center of the back of the guitar neck. This is a classical hand posture. However, alot of people get lazy with this as it can be difficult, so their “thumb” begins to creep over the top to help their fingers reach their mark.

Some people use their thumb to fret the low e-string, so it gives the rest of your fingers more ‘freedom’. so it is definitely okay :)

i own a carlo robelli acoustic. had it for years now. its the best acoustic ive ever played.

this is my fav..guy in this beginner guitar

Question? Just started learning acoustic. I was taught to keep the hand on the neck a claw shape. I see many, and in this video, people put there thump close to the E string. Is it proper? Is it okay to play that way by not keeping your thump on the back of the neck?

I have a Sigma Acoustic, made by Martin. I don’t think they make them anymore.

i went to guitar center yesterday and fell in love with your guitars.
you have a life long customer my friend

What about Silvertone SD20 or a
Lucero LC100…im a beginner so i want something affordable cus i also dont have alot to spend

a shop

Ibanez is good?

I own a Yamaha F310, i just got 2 days ago :)


Go to your local guitar shop and tell them about the squeaking. The problem is probably because of your strings. Ask for some strings that wouldn’t squeak as much. I think coated strings don’t squeak as much, but I’m not sure.

I play a Guild D-55, and a D-25 acoustic.
I really love them.

bought a Parkwood….California really nice

i’d love to hear if americans have ever heard of maton or cole clark guitars, both high end guitar manufacturers, the cole clarks are especially comparable to breedlove instruments in that they generally have more bass response.

Put a strap button just on the bottom of the neck of your guitar [near the body] don’t tie it, it’ll bend the neck over time.

hehe like ur style!!

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