Foster Brooks roasts Dean Martin

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Dean Martin Roast

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“in conc.. in concl… as i leave youuu… “quality!

@lumberjak5010 You are correct, he never touched a drop his whole life

These guys were the last of the true entertainers. The industry today is vapid and talentless.

no comedian alive today can hold a candle to these truly great legends!

was that mid 1970′s,how funny was the Dean Martin roast?

Chi paragona Dennis Miller a Foster Brooks รจ un completo idiota. Dennis Miller non ha nemmeno graffiare la superficie di Foster Brooks. A differenza Dennnis Miller Foster Brooks raramente, se mai Nome-caduta!

I was just a little kid when these aired. Foster Brooks cracked me up every time.

i live in ohio 2 i am only a 40 min drive from steubenville ..everytime i go there i pass a sign that says welcome to steubenville the home of Dean Martin ..

Brooks had that act absolutely mastered!! You just crack up looking at him!!

@jess401 that was his shtick…kept him working for 30 years

is that all he does? is drunk jokes?

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Today’s comics don’t come near.

…..sitting by the campfire, roasting our weinies and warming our buns….LOL..

Foster Brooks = genius

I love these. Foster Brooks cracks me up!

“My bossum swells with pride……..something Ruth Buzzi might even envy” LMAO!

@pinkandpurty1 Just seen it!!! OMG! HaaaHaaaHaaa!!!! Part of a bird in a pearrr tttrrr-eeeeeee!”

Foster Brooks sings The Twelve Days of Christmas!!! < —Promote it! :D

ROTFL!!!! <—dyingggg!!!@@@ 3:37 “In Con-cluuu In Con-cluuu… As I leave Youuuuu…”!!! HaaaHaaa!

The Old Skool Comedians Are the BEST!!!

Folks, the one and only Foster Brooks…. man that guy was funny! Watch all the other celebrities throughout these different roast watching Foster… They laugh the hardest of all.

Y’all HAVE TO hear Foster Brooks sing the twelve days of Xmas! You can find it on YouTube….you need Kleenex cuz’ it’ll have you laughing so hard you cry!!

I use to watch these roast when I was a kid. Foster Brooks was one of my favorite comedians. His drunk act busted me up. Thanks for getting it.


“Boring, bald Baffoon” LOL.

That’s the Duke. Damn!

Class Act Foster- no one has copied your act- it stands tall after these years

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