Fleetwood’s Mac Lindsey Buckingham Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

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Fleetwood Mac’s legendary guitarist Lindsey Buckingham provides an exclusive lesson for Guitar Globe. In Portion 1, Lindsey talks about his Choosing Style, and demonstrates how to play the classic hit “Landslide.”

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its amazing how he can just grab the guitar and easily play landslide. i’ve seen him play this song sometimes with his eyes close. very underrated. i know he could definately play better than alot of guitarist.

i have blood in my stool

maybe he should have tuned his A string!!

@telecoustic Yes…he is definitely referring to Merle Travis…

I am not sure he realises just how good he is

@M16second I disagree. I think anybody who has listened to Lindsey’s playing recognizes his greatness. I think he has kind of just hid in the shadow behind Stevie. This is interesting because I think the exact same thing happened with Mike Campbell hiding in the shadows behind Tom Petty.

He is a man whose music i play constantly ! he is a god like genius and i wish he would tour in the u.k !

when he mentions Travis, start at 4:50, does he mean Merle Travis? Please respond! thanks!


Yep. One of the few natural musicians. Neil Young is another. McCartney. They don’t have to work for it. It just comes and their playing is effortless.

Such a great guitarist but he’s so modest…impressive!!

Isn’t Music Wonderful?

Wow. I felt bad about not reading music either. I can read the bass clef just fine, but the treble clef throws me off!

cool sounds

@sdicastro um, “poo”

I love this man even more now, than I did before! He is the absolute God of Guitar!

@cheerleader051893 Yes it’s standard tuning, but tuned down half a step.

is his guitar in standard tunning?

@cliffedward That is not what’s special about artists like him. Please don’t make it sound like being able to read music has a detrimental effect on your musicianship.

@cliffedward Completely the opposite actually, I terms of structure nothing has changed, the difference now is the production approach, everything is dumbed down and technology has replaced musicianship, knowledge, craft and skill.


@AdamRyanKirkwood If you mean the recorded version it’s in standard tuning but with a capo on the 3rd fret.

Wrong name with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘legendary’ guitarist. Surely that should read Peter Green, ‘he had the sweetest tone I ever heard, he was the only one who ever gave me the cold sweats’ according to B.B. King. Just sayin’…

Interested to hear him say he doesn’t read music. This is what is special about artists like him and others in the past. They felt the music they played. They played from the heart. That is what I feel is missing from music today. Music today is too technical, too clever now.

he is an absolutley beast guitarist…..

a quite assasin! ala steve howe, a perfectionest!

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