Fix You – Tyler Ward & Boyce Avenue (Coldplay Acoustic Cover) – (Glee & Rock and Rio)

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US/Can/Europe Tour 2011: iTunes: For tour Meet & Greet VIP Packages click here: Hey Youtube! I’m extremely excited to have done a second collab with one of my favorite bands EVER Boyce Avenue! I can’t wait to go on tour with them soon! Check out his channel here: Tyler Ward: http Boyce Avenue: (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) ‘Fix You’ as originally by Coldplay Written by: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion Published by: Universal Music MGB Songs

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LOVE THIS COVER!!! But wtf? I always thought this song was from secondhand serenade, now it seams to be by coldplay?! John is such a liar (singer? from secondhand serenade XD).

But you guys are a thousand times better anyway :D <3.

This is definately my favorite cover I? have ever heard. I would love it if you all came to Utah on your tour. You are my Idol, you are the person who made me start trying to pursue my singing career.

Thank you.

ill be honest… this? is one sexy song

I wonder if lights could guide me to a Tyler Ward concert??

@AlexMcGillivrayMusic? YEah! hahah, i was just joking around ;)

Can’t say anything but WOW! ?

@TableSpoonTV Hahahaha, i truthfully did not intend for it to come across like that, at the time i wasn’t friends on youtube with him so i couldn’t send him a private message and just wanted to sincerely say thanks for taking the time to look at my video, i didn’t think anyone would click my channel through? the comment and like it up so high, i guess thats the magic of youtube hahaha

@AlexMcGillivrayMusic Shameless selfpromotion <33? :)

@TableSpoonTV I’m sorry, i don’t understand what you mean hahahaha?

@AlexMcGillivrayMusic You have no shame, do you??

is this one on your next album?!


you know? a cover is good when its better then the original song!

Boyce Avenue radio on? pandora is beast:) and Tyler Ward.. Yes.. Just yes.

@Abblina24 They are famous.? :)

They hit? every note perfectly

Why arent y’all famus?! Absolutly? amazing!!!!!(:

Nice Version !

Please also comment on it :)
We’re 2 german brothers and our channel contains much more videos :)

best… ?

amazing? interpretation. Great job guys!

If both of these guys music were played on the radio, justin bieber would still be a? skater on the streets

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Music is my passion!
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The CTFxC wedding video is going through my mind just when im listening to? this song<33

Boyce > tyler?

Guitar on? 2:30.

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