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*Watch in HD* For the Fender Road Worn Series Guitars and tons of other great products and reviews check out themusicfarm.com Josh Snyder reviews the brand new Road Worn series 60s Strat. Fender’s new Road Worn ’60s Strat guitar delivers that killer aged look, feel and mojo without breaking the bank. Signal Path: Fender Supersonic 1×12 Combo – Shure SM57 1/2 in. off of center cone – Audio Technica AT4050 12 in. left of center – Directly into camera Outro Music: The Rasmus – “First Day of my Life”

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andy timmons….nice!

all guitars will play differently at the store. factory setups are done by lots of workers. the big fun is taking the guitar home and settign it up as you like. i would never expect to buy something off the showroom floor and play it as it is. do not fear the screwdriver and the allen wrench!

@MrGuitarboy97 i think he doesn’t play songs, he’s just improvising

what is the first song you are playing?

hey guys, would you say this guitar is for professional guitarists even though they are mex made?

what songs are he playing!?!?!?

I really like your playing style. I was actually looking at your playing rather than checking out the guitar.

no offense but that is nowhere close to what id call good tone.. sounds thin to me ..sorry just my opinion.. ive seen someone on hear with a vibrolux and a squire sound a lot more warm and crisp..

the problem with mim is the qc. I have tried a couple of the rw60s and they all play drastically different, the worst one had terrible neck pocketing, the best one played better than my 60s custom shop, no joke(both with 7.25 radius, 6105 frets). If you get your hands on a good one, get it and swap out the pups/electronics and you get an amazing strat for very little money that can very easily blow mia standards away.

Great Video! I have this guitar at home…it is really great!! But I have a question: when I play for example a barre chord (C#M) on the 8 fret distorted it sounds very mushy and dirty. Is that normal?

do you think either this one or the 50s strat really sound different



That one sounds mean! I’ve been looking for a strat for a while and i dig this one, how much is it and what colours does it come in?

the frets are so different on these strats, they are taller instead of low and fat like the MIM standard. I love the nitro finish and the neck is just right for me, totally inspired by this guitar :]

@AwesomerAbe agreed also they should bring back the nitro finish

Nahhh… I don’t think that it is a value.. With tex mex?? C’mon put TS or ’69 and that cheap tremolo/bridge nahhh, still prefer my 100000 times better modified HW1!!! The rust and the scracthes are just a personal taste..and offcorse a personal…”story”.. Fender sould think to creat something different or to get the prices lower.. (IMO)

is there a big diffrence between mexican and american strats ?

@AwesomerAbe actually… they feel really great.. play one first.

This “road worn” crap has got to stop. You can’t buy authenticity.

Electric Gypsy by Andy Timmons at 1:41.

well this is the most beutiful tone that i see in almost 100 demos that i saw xD

Electric Gypsy

a lot of great guitarists played different guitars. like Clapton and Frusciante both played Strats. Harrison and Beck both played LP’s. BB King and DeLonge both played an ES. there’s alot of great guitars to chose from, but it’s all about taste! :D

god i wish i could play guitar like that.

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