Fender Mustang I Guitar Amplifier Demo Part II – Blues tones & Lesson

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Damon from Fender and Chappers from Monkeyland take a look at the new Fender Mustang I amplifier. An affordable, feature packed practice amp that sounds twice as big as it actually is! This video also includes a handy lesson on introducing the dorian mode into your blues licks. Check out the Fender Mustang I and Mustang II on our website by clicking the link below music.andertons.co.uk

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Damn, that is one fine Telecaster you got there buddy!

I tested the mustang 2 today: GREAT FOR ALL CLEAN AND CLASSIC ROCKTONES. Jazz and beyond. Classic hardrock= no problem. Really high gain could be done in fuse i presume. Sound awesome with a heavy distpeedal in front also. Gonna buy this amp this week. Mustang 2 sounds great.

@jrguitar57 hello ..pause at 0:20

Great amp!!!Something I need to ask before buing it…can the tap button be used as the delay and tremolo tempo???I mean by pressing it faster o slower does the effect change???

By explaing about the ldorion lick, part how is the Telecaster tuned, it is not standard tuning?

@jrguitar57 i’m sorry i lost you at “Squier’s are great guitars”

Every Breath You Take, by the Police.

@AndertonsMusic It’s plain as day at the very beginning of the video. He’s playing a FENDER!

@AdamAcev Every Breath you take by The Police. He plays it a little faster though, i think.

i need some help, i cant figure out the preset for the distortion that sounds like the distortion of the song “swing swing” by “all american rejects”

Absolutely blown away at how great this amp sounds. Nice video.

whats that song starting from 2:10 till 2:35?
and how will this sound on a gibson studio?

@jrguitar57 yes dumass its a fender…are you blind

IS ist good with humbucker.- guitars like a les paul? only found videos with single coil guitars.

miking the amp with two mikes-lol

@jrguitar57 I like how it says Fender on the headstock :(

@06koroow – not sure, but if your line 6 has a 12″ speaker you very likely aren’t going to hear a volume difference from 30 to 40 SS watts. That said, the mustangs are great amps and many have reported being able to keep up with a drummer or use on small gigs with the 40 watt version. If that fails, go from the headphone out direct to board.

@06koroow normaly 15 watts is loud enough if its valve but on solid state 40 watts should be just right

i bought this amp for recording but i cant figure out how to use ableton live, can you please PLEASE make a tutorial on how to use ableton with this amp!

is 40watts loud enough to gig with?? my line 6 30 watt thing is good as it is but this is louder with more effects…

@jrguitar57 headstock shots at 0:19-0:22 and from like 2:45 onward :-)

@jrguitar57 Hi JRGuitar. Actually it’s not a Squier! They’re both Custom Deluxe Fenders. Search our channel for “Fender Custom Shop Deluxe” to see them again in all their glory!

You are right though – what they’ve managed to do with the Classic Vibe Squiers is pretty incredible for the money you pay.

actually it is a stuffed animal not a rag! LMAO

I love the way Fender doesnt want you to see the Telecaster used is actually a Squier, lol! I noticed they would not show the head stock and then noticed when he switched to the Fender Strat, they showed the head stock and the Tele on the stand with a rag over the H/S!! Squier’s are great guitars especially the CV’s and Deluxe’s, they rule.

this guy plays pretty damn sweet

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