Ewan Dobson – Time – Solo Guitar

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CD & TABS accessible at www.candyrat.com also available on itunes, amazon.com, emusic, rhapsody Visit Ewan Dobson at http Unique Thanks to Nitorami (Martin) for permission to use his killer Milkdrop presets in this video.
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@imperialice666 oh no my friend i wont be learning to play the guiter just watch his video’s and pretend it’s you doing it xD

This is so fucking awesome! I love it! Enjoying every single second of the song.. :)

The Devil once offered his soul for Ewan Dobson to teach him how to play this good

J’en peu plus, elle tourne en boucle…juste magnifique ! Un monstre musical !!!

@Bodybuddha I owned a guitar 13 years ago, i saw this video, i dropped my guitar forever -_-”

you look sorta like carlton from fresh prince of bel air c:

i watched this video around 3 days ago. I now own a guitar.

trol face hahahaha amazing

His pinky finger has a mind of its own.

A mind more powerful than Stephen Hawking’s.

@obagysan Haha, great comment

Not only is he amazing with a guitar and a high level ninja Ewan Dobson can also fly backwards!

If your foot wasn’t tapping, you’re a communist.

I never get tired of this

Ewan deserves his own mansion with trampoline floors and a slide that goes from his room to a pool outside.

Over 850,000 people have had their ears massaged by the EPIC sounds coming from this video!

music is good ,but FUCKING BACKGround… harm to people eyes.

0:38 <3

i cant hear the word over his awesomeness

@alron9 unless your asian or ewan dobson you just keep leveling. :P

Eyegasm…eargasm… what more do you want?

@Mo0onwalker No way, man. Chuck Norris sees this and begs for mercy.

How did he stand the warm of the magma beneath his feet ???

the background hurts my eye.

@1dew das u

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