Ewan Dobson – Motion Potion – Solo Guitar

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Ewan Dobson debut CD & TABS available at www.candyrat.com also available on itunes, amazon.com, emusic, rhapsody Visit Ewan Dobson at http Special Thanks to Nitorami (Martin) for permission to use his killer Milkdrop presets in this video.

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@kenziph They happened to be standing behind him when he began playing :D

@DJDestrazulas best comment ever :) )

INSANE(ly good :D )

Awesome. *-*

May someone seriously explain to me, how you can dislike that?

Those aren’t backgrounds…. those are the effects to the universe when Ewan plays his magical guitar.

the only thing that disturbed me was the semi-rapid moving background. it should have been something constant, but all in all it was great.

Dear god, if you look closely, he made his guitar bleed.

Step on it Luke!! Roscoe’s catchin’ up!!!

Porque ele se veste de Ninja pra gravar seus Videos?

i love these videos

holy fuck, he is like a guitar ninja.

mere mortals say: if only I had more fingers…
Ewan says: if only my guitar had more strings!!

0:00 – 0:20 – His guitar is getting low on batteries.

@DamianEatsNails 54… ah :)

the general lee needs to be ramping off dirt jumps in the background

@DamianEatsNails Those people make me not want to live on this planet. I would like to visit Ewan 4 his home planet where skill is admired by all

You helped me through a tough period Ewan!

this song gets me in touch with my redneck side

i don’t think it’s possible to count how many girls he gets because I bet they line up outside his door from around the world.

@jshwetz1 So true! I picture music videos for songs most of the time. Danny Boyle style kinda movie with this soundtrack.

his shit blows me away! I DIG IT

This makes me very happy :D

if his ninja skills are as good as his guitar skills…no one is safe.

55 people are just plain jealous… Even if you dont like his songs you just got to admire his skills. Just awesome o.O

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