Ewan Dobson – I Know Your Discomfort – Solo Guitar

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Ewan Dobson debut CD & TABS accessible at www.candyrat.com also available on itunes, amazon.com, emusic, rhapsody Go to Ewan Dobson at http Special Thanks to Nitorami (Martin) for permission to use his killer Milkdrop presets in this video.

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@MrWarDrome stay in school

@rdgroulx *facepalm* Chuck Norris dosn’t pay taxes!

@TimEddyHughes no editing…saw him do it live last night.

Nobody is disagreeing that there is a lot of editing on the sound, but you can’t argue that it isn’t awesome.

@shep79 hahaha dude why are u so gay and open ure arsch so widely for another person ???
pls shhhttt if u wanna talk big then just shut it little kid !

@misteranonymousguy i guess i see what you mean. but, just because SRV is an awesome blues player doesnt make this guys music any less good. im not hating on srv but i can guarantee ewan dobson practiced more than srv did.

@MrWarDrome He was making a joke. You, mister, obviously didn’t read the entire statement (or are clearly behind with today’s social commentary).

@rdgroulx ure nuts if u think this one is fake

look at his fingers and listen to the notes u hear played dumbass

u mister are clearly NOT a guitarist xD

when im bored…sad….and very very depres i lisen ewan dobson and seem mi problems desmis

@TheFunkyCriminal no…. what i mean, exactly, is that I’d rather hear four notes from SRV than four hundred from this guy.

its better then porn

I feel pain, depression and anguish every day of my life. I want you to feel my pain, because then you will realize that life is empty and meaningless.

I agree that it’s a very robotic sound, but I think that’s part of it’s charm. It’s his own unique style

was this video directed by George Lucas or some shit?

@misteranonymousguy when people say there’s no soul, they mean they wish they could play like that.

70 people lost their pinkies trying to play like Ewan Dobson.

The people that say this guy is not very good…well I would love to see your videos so i can see how amazing you are too……..oh wait.

He’s got a very recognizable picking pattern

@xallanx12 absolutely right…this is just organized noise that feels computerized…no soul.

@xallanx12 I wouldn’t at all say that he’s ruining /anything/. It has a great sound, it’s fun to listen to, and he seems to enjoy what he’s doing. In a lot of cases, art is about knowing which rules to break to create an effect you enjoy. Conforming to the rules only results in monotony.

@xallanx12 I don’t know if he can play guitar the ‘normal’-way but I play guitar and I’ve never heard that short notes are a common mistake. In my opinion they are not too short and they’re all in time. It’s his style of playing guitar and I think it’s influenced by some electronic music. The repeating-thing is part of almost every song but I agree with you there could be some more different parts. By the way I think the ‘non-pauses’ are confirming the electronic-kind of feeling.
So long, Bender

This guy can’t play normal guitar. Every1 who actually plays guitar like me will say the same. Too short notes are the absolute first common mistake for beginners. Yes, I know, you say this guy is doing it on purpose, but he completely ruins the effet of a lot of notes. he never changes tempo, never pauses, repeats himself over, and over and over again… I really wish Youtube could get a new system for the “Views”-thingy. If that hadn’t existed, people could afford to make mistakes here.

Sweet guitar playing but fuck that background!

My internet crashed while watching this video ?_?

This makes me cry and laugh at the same time…

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