Ewan Dobson – Blood and Ice – Solo Guitar

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CD & TABS accessible at www.candyrat.com also obtainable on itunes, amazon.com, emusic, rhapsody Check out Ewan Dobson at http Special Thanks to Nitorami (Martin) for permission to use his killer Milkdrop presets in this video.
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Just look at the agility in that pinky finger.

The video reminds me a bit of Fantasia. Tocata en Ewan Dobson in C?

@jutzisr …and 119 people are busy touching themselves while listening to Michael Bolton.

The background images are not fake. He literally creates weather patterns of war and annihilation when he plays. He is so freaking skilled that when he gets on stage and begins to play the clocks actually run backwards.

@ddiablolll no, I dont think so. he actually bends the string after the harmonic. :)

@MrFantasioSpirou he uses finger picking too. hes so pro when he re-tunes the guitar @1:44

omg. Please teach me your ways sensei. *bows*

we are all at the mercy of his pinkie finger….

it looks like they finally found out what a quark is made of !

awsome !

This dude is awesome for two reasons:

1-Just listen

2-Sometimes when he’s focusing, he looks like Charlie Sheen

He just uses the pick, doesn’t he!?

@TheObstacleOfAmerica he doesnt NEED to though.

i was seriously hypnotized by the amazing music and background effects

He’s playing 3 guitars at one time. On one guitar.

Please go play a 12 string!

@velvetNguns me too! :D

and i j_ _ _ _ d in my pants.


His pinky has a mind of its own O-o

@pushingtin25 yeah, if we didn’t know it was Ewan everyone hearing that part would say Petrucci

@velvetNguns that’s a good start XD

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and i love ewan dobson music

All I can say is…..Tits


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