Everlong Live Acoustic Cover Dave Grohl Foo Fighters by Kids at Electric Picnic Festival

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check out our page sandalwood.ie – we’re having lots of fun with a variety of acoustic covers, let us know if you have any suggestions :-) …Dylan and Lauren (or ‘sandalwood’ as they are calling themselves) perform their favourite track ‘Everlong’ (Dave, Grohl, Foo Fighters) in the OxJam tent at Electric Picnic festival 2010. lauren (11) spotted the ‘open mic’ sign outside the oxjam tent, grabbed her brother and barrelled over …within barely a minute I heard them announce ‘next up a brother and sister combo…’ and I barely had time to get in with the camera, thankfully it took dylan (12) a minute to retune the borrowed guitar to drop-D. Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters play Oxegen 2011 – can’t wait! And roll on Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza, and the rest of festival season! Much more clips of their performances with their a variety of bands, and some clips of ‘real’ Electric Picnic acts, can be found on my channel at www.youtube.com

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49 peoples hands slipped


awesome!! =O

omg great cover!!! totaly nailed

holy fuck

but the costume sux.


Just one word: Wow!!!!

48 people dislike this only because their children arent as talented as these kids.

How good is this!! :D These kids rock!

what a great talent :D

i cant even play the beginning!!!

So awesome! You have great timing, mad guitar skills a great voice and great taste in music! All the best in the future!

@MusicInOurPockets send it to dave’s tweet, lauren…

Absolutely amazing!

ok that was hot. Good for them! That guitarist has real talent

Holy sesame street! Sign these kids up!

@smart10001520 I think so :) , lauren xx

@glitcher21 Haha <3 my parents :L xx

@ArosProductions haha thanks xxx :) xxx :P Lauren, xx

this is awesome!

This made my mood go from very bad to very good. Awesome =)

Where can I get a Sandalwood fan T-shirt!?

This is just fantastic!

Well done.

this is a great video these kids ROCK!

That really made me smile. The sincere applause they got really made their day, and mine too.

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