Eugene the Librarian standing ovation – Britains Got Talent 2009

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Eugene the Librarian gets a standing ovation on Britains Got Talent This eccentric performer received a standing ovation and received three yeses to progress via to the round. Both his onstage efficiency and back stage jokes had audiences screaming. When…

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Under no circumstances should you ever let a Vogon read poetry at you


It is very good yes, but for those confused this is just an act, it’s a character

He is so adorable! I just want to hug him!



what creates a baby like that?

piers just got owned big time

pierse just got owned big time

OMG! He’s so freaking adorable :D

man! fuck those people who disliked this video! those 4 ppl must be those who have dissed him before the show and now they are eating their own mud while eugene got a standing ovation!

“never ever judge a book by its cover & never throw stones at people cuz they ll throw em back at you and much harder and faster!!”

haha waht about the girl side of things

f**king class

is this the guy that played played Old Greg?

well played sir, well played.

genious! Lol it is so funny hahahaha 4 people didn’t understand that his funny bit.

genious! Lol it is so funny hahahaha

@mRspeN07 agreed

@TheKingOfAmazement good on him then!

@mRspeN07 No it isn’t

is this a joke or not??

he is so funny

No one’s ever apologized to me. Haha.

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