Eternal Descent – Acoustic Session With Ovation Custom Legend

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Llexi Leon recording acoustic guitars for the new Eternal Descent album, with Eddie Kramer and Chandler Harrod at LAFX studios in Los Angeles. Thanks to Ovation for the gorgeous searching and sounding Ovation Custom Legend! Filmed and Edited by Andy McCreeth. Animation and Artwork by Eternal Descent. Discover out much more about Eternal Descent, the new IDW Comics Series: Featuring new music from Eternal Descent, Performed by Llexi Leon, Gregg Bissonette & Matt Bissonette – Produced by Eddie Kramer. To uncover a comic shop near you, visit
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do u animate lexi and if so what do u use

what tuning what the acoustic guitar in

0:42-0:46 That was amazing..

Amazing guitar work! Really enjoying your vids in the studio!

@EternalDescent ahh thankyou for that it sounds amazing seriously i watch this video over and over again in amazement at the beautiful sound, i have an ovation celebrity cc28 myself and i love the sound of it ovations are the best acoustics

@MONSTA01 Thanks!! The Ovation sound was all microphones and also direct into the desk. No acoustic ‘amp’ as such – just great microphones and the direct signal blended together!

@goatgoesbahhhhhh Hey dude – There is going to be a big instrumental track (around 15mins long!) released in March 2011, it’ll be a free download for anyone who buys the Graphic Novel. Thats the only definite release date i can give you right now – There is a complete album in the works – but i think it’ll be more like October 2011 before that’s out.

I can’t wait for this album, I must’ve seen every single video you’ve put out since the Gus G interview you guys did with Rob Chapman. Any idea when in 2011 we’re gonna be able to get our hands on this Llexi?

when you were recording were you plugged into an amp? if so what coz it sounded amazing

What electric guitar is that?

I want the tab of that ! plz !!!

can anyone tell me what the song in the end of the video when the graphics kick in is?

i gotta say tht everytime i wath this video ur custom looks even more wicked

@EternalDescent thanks great guitar playing looking forward to more videos

@itme4444 Whenever i get the chance, i’ll take lessons with guitarists in different styles or simply musicians with more experience! You can always learn more – if you have the chance to take lessons, i would recommend it!!

Hey did u get guitar lessons coz im wonderin whether to get some or just stay teaching myself

outstanding as always, any ideas on when the new album will be released ?

What’s the name of song in the end? It’s amazing very Symphony X-ish.

Magic… everytime I watch it .. fkn goosebumps ;)

@EternalDescent 0:35 john petrucci signature music man?

I am not usually a fan of Acoustic songs unless a person or band can pull them off just right. So far you seem to have it just right. Cant wait for Album to come out.

@ninjabeesh1 Thanks, it’s an Ovation Custom Legend with a Deep Contour back – They’re awesome guitars!

hey what acoustic is that,the sound is just lovely

i cant wait liexi for the new ablum i cant just wait XD im on the edge of my seat

Sounds great so far, lot’s of neat ideas in the video. Can’t wait!

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