Eric Clapton Drifting Blues 2008 Unplugged Live Television Recording

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25 Brilliantly performed acoustic version of Drifting Blues. Played by a 63 year old Clapton at the Hard Rock Calling Festival on 28th June 2008 in Hyde Park, London. Pro shot video clip with excellent audio high quality. It was an unforgettable day and my 1st opportunity to see Mr Clapton live.

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@nighthawkes + the lip bitting…yummy

@kickalion it’s okay if you like fat chicks bro, but don’t hate those of us who appreciate a nice looking girl who is under 250lbs.

blues puro!

que cancion mas buena ;)

@nighthawkes You don’t know her and she’s ugly. I totally don’t understand you. Sorry

The last 100,000 views are from me…

@nighthawkes she’s ugly, OK I know, you like shit

Man, that is PURE BLUES POWER!!!

Thanks for the decades of EXCELLENT music Eric:

May God bless you with many, many, many more years of picking.
May your hands and voice stay strong.
May your strings never break mid-bend, and may God continue to use you to bless others with songs of life.

Played by his heart and soul True Blues Guitarist….

The only part I don’t? like is after 4:02

That greenish Ludwig drum set is soo nice!! Its made to look like a vintage kit.

i mean i’m white but , white only Audience – White guy playing Blues?

21 people dont know how to play guitar..And they do NOT diserve ears !!

@elljell10 Martin 000-28 ; – D Now THAT is a god guitar !!!

Beer, sunshine, blues, Eric Clapton… Music for a relaxt ‘n beautiful day… kindalike today.. if you live in the Netherlands! Go Eric! :-)

@elljell10 Electro-acoustic, if I see everything clear :D

what type of guitar is that??

I just heard Robert Johnson’s song played by Eric.. and now Im in love with this music!



por el amor de todos y cada uno de los dioses que haya… como puede transmitir tanto un ser humano… gracias ERIC CLAPTON!!!!!!

yeah right….

hey guys…. i saw him first… i was the first fan of the blues girl… look those eyes

@groshek81 Lucky man!

@EricVera539 Let me the monkey, ill let u the others, or whatever u mean for “girl” :)

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