Eric Abidal – Standing ovation upon return

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[HD/1080p] Eric Abidal – Standing ovation upon return vs Real Madrid . Tumor in February, back in action in early May. Legend.

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the loudest ovation ever!!!!!!

hahahahhahahahahah omg guardiola

@eevarn1234 hahahahahaha

@eevarn1234 maybe his lost twin brother or sumthing

@n4v3al hahahahahahahaha LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

iniesta with a chest bump yeee 0:03

0:23 Guardiola in the stands?!

@eevarn1234 Nice Catch, I had to look at it twice.

ABI!! ABI!!! ABI!!!

0.23 Guardiola in the stands?!

gotta love abi

he is a great man,absolutely


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