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www.oldtonezone.com – Part 7 in the Understanding Tube Amps lesson series. This episode is all about the difference between effects and effects loops.
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@usernameraba you can buy an external preamp like the peavey rockmaster. It has a whole series of effects loops. It’s? better to have one on the amp though.

I have a digital delay and an amp with no effects loop, what should I do?

@gibsonjammer1 you can if you buy the right gear

delay will sound unnatural as you state. If you use a pedal for overdrive you place the delay after it. same idea. If you use your amps od, you need a fx loop for delay./ reverb. Some of the vintage analog delays were more forgiving

Man, let´s play the Blues!..

thanks for this. Your tone is great. I wish I could get tone like this

try it all, and whatever sounds best to you, is best for you…everybody is different, and fx pedals in different orders create different sounds…go play!

@gdog1954 In that case, use a pedal distortion before the amp and the delay.

@gdog1954 – everything has to go before then. You shouldn’t run into any problems, unless you run a lot of mod effects…ie chorus, trem, delay, even reverb sometimes. It is really a craps shoot…if you dig the sound you get, then roll with it.

you’re a great teacher anthony. i love your website. helps me a lot in my playing advancement

@gdog1954 ..Then there is no choice except to put all pedals before the amp…I think.

Pedal placement can be a little confusing sometimes.
This is very informative and very well explained, thank you.
I believe there is a general rule that is: Wah & Distortion before the amp and the other pedals go in the effect loop…correct if I’m wrong..it’s just what I’ve heard.
Cheers Anthony.

@thedonace213 Yes, some pedals sound best outside the fx loop eg distortion/ overdrives. Others can sound better in the loop eg delay/ reverb. People who bother with it usually put some pedals before the amp, and some in the loop. Yes, it sounds like you’re understanding it just fine. If you’re setting up and packing up a lot, just going into the front of the amp is way easier.

What if my amp doesn’t have an effects loop?

are there some kind of pedals that work best outside of the effects loop as opposed to in the effects loop? Do people plug their entire pedal board into their effects loop? or some pedals in the fx loop and others out? Am I even getting the concept right? lol

that was a very informative vid thx for the insight….its always fun to switch around your pedals to get some cool tones

what R U using to make U’r vids? do U use a separate mic? thanks!

Some examples might have been nice

e.g. Digital Delay “in front” of amp vs Digital Delay used in FX loop

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