Earth Drum – Power Animals – David and Steve Gordon

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From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon – imagery of the Sacred Canyons and Mesas of the American SouthWest – Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. For more information, visit: Floating along the river through canyons of red and gold, peaks of standing stones keep a watchful eye. Joined by his animal ally, the Shaman departs into the waking dream of life, empowered with the knowledge of inner balance. The red rock of the canyon walls ripen into glimmers of gold as the last rays of the sun’s light illuminate the sky. A powerful 6 beat is played on Taos Council drums, as deep drones of bass lay down the path of power. Incan Pan Pipes tell the story of the animal spirit allies and soaring electric guitar expresses the joy of living in harmony with the earth. The visuals of the southwest canyons and rivers transport us to the end of the Shaman’s journey, where the desert sun sets until the next day’s dream begins. Thank you for watching. May all peoples of the Earth walk in Peace.
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wish i could fly trough that landscape in human form and with that music on my ear ………oh wait it might be done with a paraglider and a head set :) …woderful video ……….its just so sad how we treat the blue planet ..but she is not as fragile as she might look .she can fight back if the line breaks ;)

Love this. Just what I needed for my soul today. Thank you.

@shaddaielchai1 How can you speak so cruelly? Did it occur to you it may have been an honest mistake? Or perhaps that was how they thought it was spelled…Just because someone misspells the name of a people does not automatically make it disrespectful or mean that what they say is not true. Be a less vehement in your assumptions…

@shaddaielchai1 hun it is spelled both ways here. The Spanish sound of j is h, and neither is what they call themselves, that is Diné.

There are areas I drive through out here that I hear the drum beat, and also singing in languages I do not know. I was afraid to say anything for a long time, for fear of being thought crazy. But after speaking to an elder, I now understand I am not alone in hearing these sacred space sounds.

Navajo do not do ceremony in a tipi!

@jqmhz You disrespect a beautiful people by spelling their anme wrong. Navajo* I only say this because it sounds like major bull. And no not sitting bull, bull shit.

Thank you David and Steve for putting together such wonderful, centering, and peaceful nature music….MORE, MORE, MORE

Glad I live here……………

I loved this.

This is a very special video. I was deeply moved by the music and the videowas excelent.


This is beautiful and very spirit wakening thank you =) I needed this today.

Some 300 million years or more in the making, these are truly a beautiful sight to behold. Thank-you for posting.

marvellous music.
thanks for posting

Fantastic !

i like the 6/8 time thats really cool :P the songs AMAZINNNG thanks for posting!

this was wonderful

2- a power animal? yes! >>>>Bastet! the cat goddess!

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Wild Life.

I am SO hooked on these guys – I just bought 3 of their cd’s yesterday – what a great escape…..

Wonderful music!!!

I’ve been listening to Steve & David Gordon’s Sacred Drums Cd now for several years.& each time I listen to it,it sends out stronger rays of strength.Indeed,again,your music CD above is splendid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful music yes

spiritually beautiful

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