Earth Drum – Dancing for a Vision – David & Steve Gordon

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From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon – imagery of the Olympic Rainforest – Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Native American Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. Video filmed, produced and edited by: For more details, pay a visit to: Dancing for a Vision “Wonderful Spirit, show me the way. I hold the lifeline of the Shaman’s rattle and drum. I let myself go into the sacred dance. In the dance there is no past or future, only the eternal now. Circling round the fire, I will dance until my mind is clear and my heart is pure. Could I see the path with a heart, the path of healing.” Studio notes Ancient peoples from around the globe have some type of ecstatic rite that entails dancing. In this song we combined Native and African drums with a contemporary dance groove to produce a compelling dance rhythm and then added our northern plains G Minor Native-American flute, acoustic guitar and lush keyboards to assist our listeners shed themselves in the dance of life. Thank you for listening. Could all beings walk in peace.
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The Olympic Rainforest is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been and one of my most favorite places to go in the world. I’ve lived too far from it for too long, I need to move back home. David & Steve, you have my undying gratitude for helping me decide where my life needs to go.

WOW this is very relaxing

Beautiful, thank U!

Wonderful, I would entitle him dance for nature !

i danced to this with the intention of RAIN and it rained that night <3

Is that an authentic shamanic orchestra playing backup?


THANK YOU for posting!

sooo beautiful, the music carried me on a dance journey in my own home <3

Very canine-like…In the woof-ing flute I hear the wolf.

This is amazing! Thanks for posting :-)

life and death are the illusion, visions are everythingandnothing……….by the way i am definitly not you and you are definitly not me……….i am and you arent………huh……

Very nice!

this is truly some inspiring music. amazing

I use to live in this area. It is as beautiful as you see here. If you ever get a chance you should visit The Hoh Rain Forest and the Olympic National Forest. You will never regret it. I lived in between the two.
Bear Warrior

one word: amazing

Dancing for a Vision has been my Absolute Favorite Song since I first heard it 3 years ago. I will always love this song, and still play it more than once everytime I hear it. Even now I’ll listen to it twice. May the Heart Beat of Mother Earth Fill our Spirits with a Great Blessing.

What a beautiful blessing. Amazing.

blessings and peace…

I always loved it when my teacher (Modern Dance Class) would start this piece up when we would begin class with warm ups. Very calming & still fills you with wonderment!

Hey where do I get the DVD Earth Drum by David and Steve Gordon from? Also how much does it cost? It sounds really intresting and if this Video is anything to go by I am defo getting the DVD.Thanks for posting this amazing Video!!!

Blessings and thanks to our beautiful mother earth!!!

Beautiful nature and music.

Ah,David and Steve Gordon what great talents in world of contemporary Native American music.Specially this one I can listen to for hours.Wonderful video!!!

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